Thursday, August 19, 2010

Putting Out The Menu for Grand Opening 08/20

So today is day two of getting SLMC started. 
We started by posting the specials for tomorrow (Friday) 
which is the actual day of production. I'm really 
excited for all this to come together! I also 
started our first giveaway on Facebook and 
will put one up for our blog as well!

So the promo/giveaway for Facebook is to ask
our wonderful followers to help suggest us to 
their friends and get to 1000 + followers and 
win cupcakes (2-3 dozen) for their office 
(1winner for Portland) or ($50 Gift Card to 
1 winner out of state, US & Canada only)


Pina Colada Cake w/ Pineapple,Coconut Buttercream, 

White Coconut Cake w/ Cream Cheese frosting & Coconut on top 

Lemon Cake w/Lemon Buttercream 

*min order of one dozen with 24 hour notice per flavor.